Sunday, February 24, 2013

Newsround is wont to report religion-related news, particularly on its Sunday TV bulletins. Last Sunday they led with a fairly insignificant item about one of the Pope's final appearances at a Mass in the Vatican. Ricky told viewers that thousands of people were expected to turn up later that day to receive his blessing.

Newsround on Sunday 17th February 2013 ~ 9.25am

That was last Sunday.

This Sunday the main BBC TV news bulletins have led, for much of the day, with allegations made against a very senior Roman Catholic cleric, who by the way is known for his outspoken, offensive and frankly bigoted views about marriage equality. Newsround has not reported that story and, if the Savile abuse case is anything to go by, Newsround will keep CBBC's audience in the dark.

Newsround on Sunday 24th February 2013 ~ 1.55pm

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